Leg Vein Care now offered
at Lake Country Medical Group at our Leg Vein Treatment Clinic

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Leg Vein Treatment Clinic

Dr. Sternberg is a board-certified internist, cardiologist, and interventional cardiologist who has an extensive interest, education and clinical expertise in all aspects of venous disease. He has now established a leg vein treatment clinic at Lake Country Medical Group.

Over the past 20 years he has noticed that a significant number of his heart patients have complaints consistent with venous disease. These complaints include bulging and unsightly varicose veins, heaviness, swelling, burning, itching, fatigue, cramping, and restlessness of the legs. For a majority of patients, these complaints affect their daily life. Previously, the only treatment available was vein stripping which is a very invasive procedure requiring a prolonged surgical procedure and general anesthesia with a significant amount of downtime.

Now the underlying problem can be treated with a 20-minute in-office procedure with minimal pain and an immediate return to full activity. These minimally invasive procedures include sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, adhesive closure and foam ablation. This results in a dramatic reduction in symptoms in most patients.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Sternberg to our team and proud to offer leg vein treatments in Lake Oconee and surrounding areas.

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Changing Lives One Vein at a Time

Relieve Symptoms

No Vein. No Pain. We cure restless legs, swelling, cramping, fatigue, weakness, and skin changes.

Stop the Progression of Vein Disease

Chronic Venus Insufficiency is a progressive disease that can have a devastating impact. Treatment stops it in its tracks.

Stage 1 – Spider Veins

Cosmetic Issue

stage one spider veins Veins are a cosmetic condition that are treated with Sclerotherapy (spider vein injections). Each individual case will be evaluated by a specialist, and treatment will be performed by one of our certified nurses. An ultrasound is not required. Spider veins will not harm you if left untreated and this is not a medically necessary procedure. Non-surgical.

Varicose Veins

Bulging Veins

Stage 2 Varicose Veins veins are a medical problem. When veins bulge it means they are under pressure and there is  going on inside of the leg. An ultrasound is necessary and will be done in our accredited facility. Strict protocol will be followed during the Doppler Ultrasound examination to identify troubled veins and create a treatment plan.


Swelling, Skin Changes & Ulcers

Swelling                          Skin Changes                          Ulcers

Illustration of leg Swelling treatment clinic           Illustration of leg vein Discoloration           Illustration of leg Ulcers

Check out these BEFORE & AFTER Results