At Lake Country Medical Group and Concierge we believe that a healthy community and world means not only providing medical care to our patients but also helping those who are most vulnerable. It is part of our mission as an organization to assist nonprofits that are providing relief and opportunities for those in need. Continue reading to learn more about some of the organizations we are currently supporting.

Lake Country Medical Aid for Ukraine- 

Dr. Nicolas Chronos of Lake Country Medical Group spearheaded local efforts in Greensboro, GA to raise money in order to supply desperately needed medical supplies into the war zone of Ukraine. So far, Lake Country Medical Aid for Ukraine has raised $157,000. Through connections with Heal Ukraine Group, LCMAU has sent two shipments of medical supplies to Ukraine. The following pictures show the medical supplies donated by Lake Country Aid for Ukraine that have made their way to Ukraine. As the war rages and as Ukraine heals, LCMAU will continue to raise money to send medical supplies to Ukraine. To donate follow this link:

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Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club-

The Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club, located in downtown Greensboro, GA is an incredible organization that empowers, educates, and protects the vulnerable children in our community. We believe that it is invaluable to serve our children and make sure they have a place to learn, fellowship, and explore. The Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club has created this space for our community and we strive to help support them financially and with our time so they continue their good work.

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Ferst Readers-

Ferst Readers is an incredible organization that provides one book a month to each child that signs up for their program. Research has proven that the facilitating of early and emergent literacy skills in preschool aged children is crucial for further literacy development. Ferst Readers enables children who may not have much print or reading resources at home to have easy access to them.  Kate Dicamillo states, “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” Having a book show up in the mail each month allows for every child to not only receive a gift but exposure to reading and print they may not have had otherwise.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors